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Make sure that the information you submit is accurate and correct as reported on your credit report. Any non-posting tradelines due to inaccurate or incomplete information will not be refunded nor replaced.

Tradelines usually post for 30 days and take anywhere from 2 to 30days after the statement date to post. However we cannot guarantee that they will last that long and can only guarantee that they will be added. All sales are final. We are no longer guaranteeing posting, only that they will be added because a lot more factors that is out of our control dictate whether a tradeline reports or not. So the only occasion where a tradeline will be replaced is if we cannot provide you a screenshot as proof that you were added. We can provide you proof that you were added and can also provide you instructions on how to get the Tradeline to post after we add you. If all troubleshooting is done and Tradeline still does not post there is no further assistance we can provide. This applies to both CPN and real credit profiles.


Why we can’t guarantee all 3 bureaus?!

Tradelines post by matching the information you provide - with what exists on your credit file.

So, when a tradeline posts, it means the information matched successfully. If a tradeline posts to one bureau but not the others, the issue is with the information on your credit report, and not the Tradeline itself. ( if the problem were with the Tradeline - it wouldn't post at all ). If this is ever the case, we advise you seek credit repair services as that is a telltale sign your 3 reports lack congruency and is, therefore, out of our control. When it comes to pre-made CPN please purchase when you are ready to use them, as the tradelines on them will not last forever, and are subject to the same standards as any other tradeline I offer.


A $25 warranty per tradelines will be available for those who want to purchase a warranty for the Tradelines. What this warranty will cover is non-postings tradelines. This $25 warranty is per Tradeline so if you submit an order with multiple tradelines you must purchase multiple warranties, 1 for each tradeline. Only one warranty will be given pre tradeline that did post. We appreciate your business and thank you for shopping with Hart2hart Entertainment LLC.