Terms & Conditions


Website Maintenance

T-Codez will take care for the security and management of your website for "15 Days" after the delivery date. After the said time period we will not be responsible for any issue in your website. You can avail our service of website handling, updating and optimization by buying Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly, or Annual plan which will be cost as $30, $90, $180, and $350 respectively. Moreover, our hourly rate is $35 per hour to perform any task or service as per the requirement. It is to be noted that if work is completed quickly e.g. 5~10 minutes then it will still be counted as 30 minutes. Likewise if work is completed in 35~40 minutes, then it will be counted as one hour. Website maintenance will includes and do not includes services as per this document.

Website Migration

To migrate or transfer website from one server to the another $15 will be charged. Client is required to inform us well in time and it will take 24 to 48 hours to process the request. Website migration highly depends on the hosting resources. Therefore, the new hosting must be compatible enough to bear the current website data and migration process.

Social Media Marketing

1. We will market your products or services via social media including Facebook, Instagram, etc. In Social Media Marketing we will only increase the reach of your target audience only and do the branding of your company with our marketing strategies. However, we DO NOT guarantee the sale of your products or services. Therefore, to avoid any conflicts please make yourself understandable the actual concept of Social Media Marketing. Any kind of claim for not getting sales after our social media marketing will not be accepted.

2. Moreover, while doing the marketing campaigns we will take care of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media advertisement policies. But, however, these are all third-party media and they check all activities via their artificial intelligence and robots. So, if any restriction occurs on the Facebook page, Instagram ID, etc, then it is a part of this business. At first, we are again saying that we will take care of all policies, but, however, if any issue regarding restrictions on the page occurs then we will NOT be responsible for this activity and will not accept any claim in this context.

Third Party Vendor

After handing over the website credentials, if any third party vendor/developer or the user himself will do changes/addition/deletion/editing etc on the website, then it will be completely on the user/customer's end. T-Codez will not be responsible for any loss of data or issue that may occur on your website.

Recovering the website

Due to any third party issue, hacker attack, malfunctioning of any plugin, or if the free handling time period of 15 Days is over, and the website goes down then following service charges will be charged:
1. $30 to re-upload the website and database.
2. $50 to recover the website from hacking attack.
3. $100 to redesign the website if required with available content.

WordPress Theme Pricing

The price of WordPress theme will be charged separately. If you want to have a site on the previous version of the theme then we can do so, but, in future we will not be responsible for any compatibility issues.

Products Uploading Price

To upload products on E-Commerce website 3$ will be charged for each product. For this, customer will provide us with the products images, details and pricing etc.

Basic Tutorials

We will only provide the basic tutorials for the handling of your website. But, we will not be liable and it will not be the part of our website development project to explain in full detail for website editing or handling. You can view the basic tutorial videos on our "Tutorial Videos" page.

Termination of Project

T-Codez will deliver your required project on-time before the promised date. However, if due to the non-interest of client, his / her busy schedule, or any of his / her other business hurdle due to which he / she do not coordinate with us to complete the project then the project will be considered as terminated after one month of the date when its first draft was delivered to the client. After termination of the project (which is due to the client's in-activeness) if client wants to re-start the project then it will be started as a new project and the previous payments will not be considered to refund.

Backup of your website

All the data of our sites are placed on our servers. Although our servers are of latest technology and are up-to-date, but still these are machines which can do malfunction at any time. So, to take the backup of your site time to time is so important. The taking of backup of the sites is at the customer's end. We will definitely give you the credentials of your cPanel and website. You can login by using these credentials to take complete backup of your site. Also, a step by step video regarding how to take the complete backup of your site is available at our "Tutorial Videos" page.

Renewal of Web Domain & Hosting

It is advised to all of our respected customers to renew their website domain and hosting well before in time before the said date of expiry. It is to be stated that all the cost for the renewal of web domain and hosting will be charged in advance. Also, after the expiry date, we will upload the site and activate it, but, it will be charged $15 as additional as service charges.