Website Maintenance


Website Maintenance Includes:

  • Updating the CMS (WordPress), Theme and all the plugins on your website.
  • Optimization of your website to make it fast and speedy.
  • Shielding from hackers and recover your website if it may lose due to any issue like hackers attack etc.
  • Monthly backups of your whole website and databases.
  • Minor updates on your pages, posts, links, and any other information as required.
  • Fixing of any issues that may occur while misbehaving of any functionality.
  • Taking considerations of important emails, comments, and notifications.
  • cPanel handling and support for different functionalities.
  • SSL (HTTPS) management and updating.
  • 24/7 WhatsApp support.

Website Maintenance Do Not Includes:

  • Development of any new page which was not included in the initially defined pages and website's structure.
  • Any change in the design of website or app.
  • Any backup of the site on monthly basis or any other interval.
  • Any updating the CMS (WordPress), Theme and all the plugins on your website.
  • Any new funtionialitiy required which was not the part of the early discussed/mentioned project.
  • Any WhatsApp support.